Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dragon Age Week Day Six: Jar of Bees Tutorial

Make your own Jar of Bees!
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Dragon Age: Inquisition launches tomorrow in North America! And yes, it contains the infamous Jar of Bees. As soon as I heard that this really was going to be a thing, I knew I had to make one for myself. The Jar of Bees is a weapon that you throw at your enemies - it summons a swarm of bees that attacks the nearest enemy, and apparently can be upgraded by adding wasps! How could you not want our own Jar of Bees to share with your Dragon Age friends? So here's an quick and easy tutorial so you can make your own.

Instant Lead Lines, Bees & Jars

I got everything I needed at my local craft shop:
  • Small corked jars - preferably with large corks so you can get the bees inside.
  • Gallery Glass Instant Lead Lines - the wider size.
  • Bees - I found these in the floral section, you could also make them with Fimo.
  • Craft paint - to touch up the bees.
  • Craft knife - make sure it's sharp.

Painted bees ready to be bottled.

First thing to do is to make your bees! I was lucky enough to find some pre-made bees in the floral department of Michaels. These were made to wire into floral arrangements so all I had to do was to take out the wire, and give them a little better paint job. You could also make your own bees with Fimo, small pom-poms, and I did find bee buttons and small wooden bees at the same shop, so the possibilities are endless. You could also leave the wire on, and use a bit of clay in the bottom of your jar to make the bees appear to buzzing around.

Using the lead lines on the jar.

Take the strip over the other one, then cut to lie flat.

Next, wash and dry your jars. Make sure they are completely dry before you add the instant leading lines, or they won't stick properly. This is a great product for this project. The jars in the game appear to be caged in a metal frame to protect the jars from breaking prematurely - we wouldn't want those bees getting out accidentally! The lines are just peel and stick, and you can use a sharp craft knife to cut them. The leading is pretty forgiving and I was able to move my lines around before committing to exactly where I wanted it to be. To get the right look, tuck the lines underneath the jar, almost a lantern kind of look. When two lines intersect, you can use the knife to cut them to make them lie flat. Don't forget to place some of the leading around the top of the jar, or even a double line.

Triangle Jar of Bees

Jar of Bees ©2014 EA International

When you've finished with your lead lines and have the perfect temporary cage, then add your bees to the jar, put the cork on and you have your very own Jar of Bees! Pretty easy, huh? Be careful not to let anyone throw them, but they make a great addition to a shelf with your Templar & Mage Pincushions and your Dragon Age Keep Banner. I'd love to see your Jar of Bees, so if you make one come back and leave a comment with a picture. Happy Dragon Age Release Day and Bzzzzzzzzzz...

(These Dragon Age posts originally appeared the week before Dragon Age Inquisition released in November of 2014 on my old blog. I've moved them here so I can keep all my geekdoms in one place.)


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