Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dragon Age Week Day Seven: Skyhold at Christmas

Well, I've been off playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for the past month and it's no secret that I'm thoroughly impressed! It's my Game of the Year for 2014 and probably the next two years, too! I'm currently on my second playthrough, and every time I play, I find something new to explore and love. So, when it came time to decide what our annual holiday LEGO display was going to include, I knew it had to be Skyhold! We started with lots of mountains in the background, blue sky and clouds, and Cullen's Tower (which you can see in detail here). Many thanks to my long-suffering LEGO husband! Here's a look at the results...

Skyhold at Christmas with Cullen's Tower on the left...

With the Herald's Rest and training ring on the right - note Sera on the roof!

Blackwall & Cassandra with the training dummies.

Dorian and Josephine with random loot near the ice.

Cole on the snowbank against the stone wall.

Christmas tree & presents next to Cullen's Tower. More loot & guards.

The Herald's Rest! We tucked a battery operated candle inside so the glass glows. And this is supposed to be Varric and Bianca, but we couldn't find the right hair. Iron Bull is inside of course!

Dragon Age snowmen need helmets! (And who put Legolas in the scene?)

Great way to add a bonfire! Tiny elastics, 1x4 tiles & fake flickering candles.

Cullen & my Inquisitor, with a tower shape in the background to suggest a bigger castle.

Season's Greetings! And a happy Dragon Age New Year to us all...

(These Dragon Age posts originally appeared the week before Dragon Age Inquisition released in November of 2014 on my old blog. I've moved them here so I can keep all my geekdoms in one place.)

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