Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Welcome to Lucy Holgrove's Receipt Book

Grace Acton's Receipt Book, 1621 Wellcome Library
Welcome to Elinor Holgrove's Receipt Book! Here you will find my historical passions and my journey within the Society for Creative Anachronism. This will be a place to collect and share my research, projects, tutorials, persona development, class handouts, photos and notes from events, and of course, general discourse.

Why a receipt book? Historically in the early modern period, a receipt book was a collection of receipts (recipes), for both food and for treating sickness or injuries. The receipts were written and gathered by women and sometimes there were notes in the margins on how effective or how tasty a recipe was. They nearly all contain an index so individual maladies and recipes could be looked up quickly. These books offer a fascinating glimpse into everyday life of women at the time, and have become a passion of mine. Many can be found scanned in their entirety on the web, and I will share some of my very favorite entries on this blog.

Fare thee well, and return soon...

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