Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gold Tape Lace

Fifteen Feet of Gold Tape Lace
One of my favorite pieces of bobbin lace that I've made is also one of the simplest. This is a tape lace, made with gold machine metallic thread, with a pricking (pattern) that I designed. It's based on the tape laces which can be seen on early seventeenth century buff coats, and sometime in the future it will be attached to a buff coat for my lord husband. There is approximately 15 feet of it, and is the longest piece of lace I've made to date. It's about 13mm wide, and took about 80+ hours to make.

Richard Neville by 
William Dobson, 1630's
This is a portrait of Richard Neville, a Royalist soldier during the English Civil War. He eventually served as commander at the First Battle of Newbury in 1643 where he commanded the Royalist side. He later served as High Sheriff for Berkshire, and after the restoration, he became Berkshire's Justice of the Peace. In 1670 he was elected to Parliament as a Knight of the Shire serving until his death in 1676. On his lovely leather buff coat there are five stripes of plain gold lace trim on each sleeve. My lace is much more of a burnished gold than the picture suggests. The colour is actually much closer to the portrait in person!

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